Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm in!!

And at last im out of from that holysheisnt camp, though it was much hurt. Kem Sri Ledang tangkak, i luv u fuckin much. friends, joys, calamity, difficulties n any others..

The day finally come, and Alhamdulillah, i did score well in my SPM. i got stret A's. 7A+, 2A. Nak ucap thanks kat sume org y mmbantu n susah2 untuk kejayaan ak, i'll never step any further without them. im actually proud of my skul too though i've once hate it hardly. it was absurd to be the number 1 skewl in mlysia, i thanked u SASER!! luv u... to next batch, do well ya..

130 straight A.
PNG 0.97.

im going for my license, mmner2 sume dah lpas dgn jayanya, tkkan tknak bwk kereta unti i get 5o hhu. too much plan, n im sick of it.

btw, byk sgt nk story experiences kt PLKN ue tp tak larat nk tu;is pnjang2, and i would like to reprimand everyone, PLKN is not bad as had been expected. No Pt 10 sampai cacat ya.. it;s like spending your leisure tyme doing simple n fun things


THALHAH said...


congratz n keep it up bro!

aina said...

congrats :)