Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Engraving the finale Memories

Seating on the old decrepit seat for more than 9 hours per night really get me sick.sigh. it was actually not that worth the moment i faced the papers. keeping my head spinning to get every question settled was not that easy.though.sick.that was exam,that everyone have to go through,every single year,every semester, sometimes even for a month. Since i was standard 1. That's Malaysia,making the students get themselves exam oriented,instead of learning for their own pleasure.

there was nothing to be regretted. My friend once told me,if im destined to success,i have to be grateful.despite, if i experience failure,you have to accept it wholeheartedly and put extraordinary effort to make it right again. The feeling of leaving the hall entrance when i leave many question unanswered was certainly undescribed.i love perfection, though i really knew that triumph ought not come with a bad attitude of studying. So many to say. Soon, i just realised, VICTORY LOVES PREPARATION. i will never let this happen again,for my future.

The next day.i am leaving matriculation.great relief,yet a great sadness.i am hoping to see u all kawan2 yang sangat baik hati.even brjumpa semula 20 or 30 tahun lagi,just jgn buat muka dont know bila terserempak okay. lots of credit to F14 Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.Syah,fakri,Song,Zamir,Mat,Mahir,hazmi,Tubit,Farah,Farhah,Zafirah,Lisa,Sakinah,Hafizah,khansyaa'.
Thanks.sgt2.thanks.thanks a lot.

TOUCH,GRAB, and HOLD,stick to it,u'll achieve your greatest triumph and happiness,for sure.

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