Monday, November 1, 2010

Watch Me Out VAMPIRES!

Ouh i'd my mind too much of vampires n witches.And i still resisting the fact that they couldnt have any love tale with humans or else they're going to be sentenced to death. That's what im doing for my holidays, laying on the bed like no one else who used to loiter around in shopping centres, flirting those intriguing.

Spending RM 20 merely for wasteful cetak rompak CD was certainly saddening. It was good to have latest game and also great to be one of the first buyers. My only hope to get exam-things away was just blewn away as if a lollipop is just taken away from a child's tiny mouth. The laptop was totally wrecked, couldnt be used anymore. there's no use im trying to install those stuff. After all, i ended up sharing a good moments watching the latest korean drama. "He's beautiful" and im dared enough to say that it was one of the awesome drama i'd never seen before. My sis said it was worth-buying. And it was. People might say you're not patriotic enough to support our local act and despite of that,i was so sure that there might be something beneath their talking. we got to improve. im not saying our cerekerama's no good but the plot could be excpected as well as its ending. That's the difference. i'd simply stated that Korean Drama is SUPERB, like no any other else.haha.i ought stop babbling about it.

Recently, Im terribly addicted to "The Corrs". Hideaway for sure.You might never hear about it, but im sure you're intrigued enough to know what actually they were. A band. A sibling band consisting of 3 girls and a boy. The songs were crazily attracting as well as calming every soul hearing it. I guessed my interest had moved on from arctic monkey and bmfv to such a soft-hearted-like rhythm, And it was certainly vital for me in order to concentrate on my books well for the next semester.

And please, dont ever talk about the past first semester again or im going to shoot you. It was merely a disaster, or else i better say it as a calamity. I ended up my final exam like a numb and stupid person, dont know how to make the papers any better.After all, i'd made my promises that it wont happen again and it ought to turn better. Im going to do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well starting from now on.Thanks to my brother for the very long advices after having skype this morning. Im going to be like you. Someday.For certain.


khansyaa' al khairiyah mohd ujang said...

goodluck for sem 2 oke (:
i noe u cn do it well. genius ryte (:
n 1 thng, dont bother too much bout girls over n over again or else they might ruin ur studies (:

THALHAH said...

now, why do i see irregular surfaces on the screen- (astigmatism?)..... i guess it's bcz of i was embroiled with your entry (terharu bro!) that my vision somehow becomes distorted.haha this is too random.

anyways, goodluck la's good to hear you loving the corrs. pure calmness in their em all

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