Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hari2 selepas interview sgt menyenangkan, menghabiskan masa dinihari dgan layan sadis boys over flower,and actually sdg trpengaruh dgn suasana kemaruk korean drama nowadays, not bad, maybe jejaka2 tampan dlm that drama did intrigue most of the ladies in the world, hahah, nonsense talking. After all, a good plot story as well as tangkap sayu jugak. I didnt even realise it was already subuh. how awesome it was, i've once slept at 5.00 a.m during my schooldays. but still it didnt get this worse. Instead of studying, i just texting while letting my biology reference reading by itself hahah.

Sgt free, No need to get my brain stucked with too much pressure. it was actually deadly exasperating to get urself very well in that interview room, hmmm. dah lepas, wat sakit kepala fikir balik kn, just now im hoping to pursue my studies in united states of America someday, like my dad mum n brother.. btw, Sakit jiwa jugak kena jack dgn interviewer, lau jumpa dy lagi nk jack dy pasal bola ar pulak, tengok how far he could answer me very well. hahah if he fail to do that,mmg sure sy kilatkan kepala beliau y sgt bersinar tuh, n i thot it did distract me to speak out my ideas, hhuhuh~sigh..


Graduatin, ah, meeting old friends, how splendid it's. maybe for the last time.Taking my last journey from jb to seremban, no more saser, zeta, kasturi, n no more birat2 akibat rotan Cikgu Shahrul due to our laziness to get ourselves sooner in the preparation class, n kantoi buka puasa kat dorm, angkat semua lauk2 dewan makan naik atas sambil berpesta dgn lineclearnya.. N hope someday buleh jumpa balik, old friends and at dat particular time, supose perut semua dah ke depan, excluding me, hahah..

Hmm few more days before taking jpj test for my license, ah, i've to pass. Nak cepat bawak kereta ronda2 1 malaysia, nak bawak SAPE2 yg berkenaan sahaja. hhu, till then...

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