Thursday, October 20, 2011

My primary school Memories

i was taken aback to my childhood memories as i went through my photos in facebook. There was nothing to talk much about that since i already changed from a boy to a man,undoubtedly. i experienced my primary school very well though it was merely the same like the others. The first day a school was a great trouble to me, i mean i fell too awkward to have a chat with people as if they were aliens. It prolonged for some time and the consequences was obviously devastating. i would rather stay under my bed instead of spending my whole day listening to strangers called teachers. grabbing the edge of the bed tightly is the must whenever my mom or dad dragged me to the toilet. to come to the class.

1st year is the most terrible moment in my academic matter. i ranked 40 something out of 40 something. i could still recall my Bahasa Malaysia teacher, Pn Ramlah Bt Abbas, who eventually replaced my class monitor position with me. There i was, sending class attending to the office every morning since that day onwards.

i changed. i started to get enveloped with mathematics and alphabets though im slow in that particular subject. the moment i never want to forget is waiting impatiently for the bell to ring so that everyone of us could start the 100 metres running comnpetiton to the canteen, or else you have to que yourself to the very end corner of the canteen. i started to play soccer and tennis table, and that might be the sole reason i could not stop myself from doing that up until now. marching every second of my life was everything. i saw it as everything. once i fell during my 6th grade, i have to shade my tears. breaking down.

Cikgu Jamil, the very important teacher to me. i loved Kemahiran Hidup, i love drawing. i loved everything during my primary schooldays. Puan Ruhaida sickening penalties help me a lot in exloring mathematics. try answer wrong for the first 5 questions, your chest will never healed within a week. All in all, there is one thing that kept me down day by day. Being short plus nerdy is certainly ashaming yet i accepted it as the time went by. All of us were nerdy so i didnt feel like was not an obstacle nor a weak point of me. ranked first in final lompat tinggi proved everything.hahah.

now it was only memories that i was longed to reminisce. being shortiee. As time passed by, i grew up. i ended up my primary schooldays with flying colours result and i got to maintain them till the very end of my life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Potassium Cyanide

Salam.Ah sekarang tersa sangat2 free, after receiving Matriculation result.Ah, Alhamdulillah,i got 4 again.n intending to be chemical engineer after graduating from UTM. Sudah almost 2 bulan i'd spent my holidays for things y i never did before.Reading novel till late night.Haha demam membaca buku tak habis lagi ya lepas exam. Nevertheless,itulah perkara y buat hidup ak tak kosong sebab hidup ak tiba tiba termasuk pula dalam hidup manusia2 y diceritakan oleh Hlovate,if you were already knew her. Tunas,aA=+bB,5 tahun 5 bulan,n not to forget,versus. oh.

ak suka gila quotes ni

"come hell or high water,He's enough for us"
You’ll never reach perfection because there’re always room for improvement.
Yet all the way to perfection you’ll learn to get better.
grow old with me...
sure do..

gone all the way to Guatamela and back on feet.

"Live for one, and die for all
In the end, we'll all stand tall"
better late than never, but better never late.
Maybe that's enough. i didnt know where she got them from but hang memang superb la HLOVATE.Thumbs up.

im speelbounded.She got me enveloped dlm cerita y dsampaikan dgn nada selamba,yet memberi input n mesej2 y sangat berguna to those who read them. By the way,it's aint a crime to change for good ryte?Novel beliau pn dah standard buku motivasi sahaja though they were written in simpler ways.Sapa kata baca novel melayu jiwang?pi simpan la tanggapan hang yang tak berasas tu.haha.

oh apapun skarang ni im really intrigued to get a new Inspira at home,looking forward for it. Ah recently i realised ak baru sahaja meminati bidang automotif,even driving kat highway pun bole khayal tengok mobil2 yang berdesup main lane kanan.BMW normally.Toyota n Honda.Ah,geram.i'll own them someday for sure.haha.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Engraving the finale Memories

Seating on the old decrepit seat for more than 9 hours per night really get me sick.sigh. it was actually not that worth the moment i faced the papers. keeping my head spinning to get every question settled was not that easy.though.sick.that was exam,that everyone have to go through,every single year,every semester, sometimes even for a month. Since i was standard 1. That's Malaysia,making the students get themselves exam oriented,instead of learning for their own pleasure.

there was nothing to be regretted. My friend once told me,if im destined to success,i have to be grateful.despite, if i experience failure,you have to accept it wholeheartedly and put extraordinary effort to make it right again. The feeling of leaving the hall entrance when i leave many question unanswered was certainly undescribed.i love perfection, though i really knew that triumph ought not come with a bad attitude of studying. So many to say. Soon, i just realised, VICTORY LOVES PREPARATION. i will never let this happen again,for my future.

The next day.i am leaving matriculation.great relief,yet a great sadness.i am hoping to see u all kawan2 yang sangat baik hati.even brjumpa semula 20 or 30 tahun lagi,just jgn buat muka dont know bila terserempak okay. lots of credit to F14 Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.Syah,fakri,Song,Zamir,Mat,Mahir,hazmi,Tubit,Farah,Farhah,Zafirah,Lisa,Sakinah,Hafizah,khansyaa'.
Thanks.sgt2.thanks.thanks a lot.

TOUCH,GRAB, and HOLD,stick to it,u'll achieve your greatest triumph and happiness,for sure.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Remedies

Getting my fingers dancing again on this old decrepit keyboard was quite good, though lot of people had been quitting from updating their blogs. I was minding to think about this post, and i just come acrossed a new thing to be jot down permanently here.

People, somewhat, keep looking down on 'multilevel marketing' and for those who had a lot of experiences in this arena, would simply give an insinuating grins on this post, i did believe that. Some might say people downline would suffocate and suffer as people upline will never pay any attentions to their needs. Some might say you are wasting your funds and times merely for uncertain future, and last but not least, they said you are planning to be poor for sure. i swore, im not good at this. Nevertheless, i have a full devotion in this programme as i believe i might carve my future better.

This problem would not happen in a special network marketing, i better rhymes it well. Score A Programme. Everybody knows it. Most of them had joined this, education business matter. Some of them had gone far too long, and most of them had grabbed their greatest triumph. The reason im writing regarding this matter is not merely promoting the company, instead, im giving some solutions for those who needs some extra income and for those who wants a better future.

We work together and when there is any oncoming problems, everyone shall know it and do the best to make it right again. Some might give jerk on this. And some might read, without taking any immediate actions, and the the best of all is, some of chosen people who dare to endure the risk. Joining venture in this very good programme. That's all.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Watch Me Out VAMPIRES!

Ouh i'd my mind too much of vampires n witches.And i still resisting the fact that they couldnt have any love tale with humans or else they're going to be sentenced to death. That's what im doing for my holidays, laying on the bed like no one else who used to loiter around in shopping centres, flirting those intriguing.

Spending RM 20 merely for wasteful cetak rompak CD was certainly saddening. It was good to have latest game and also great to be one of the first buyers. My only hope to get exam-things away was just blewn away as if a lollipop is just taken away from a child's tiny mouth. The laptop was totally wrecked, couldnt be used anymore. there's no use im trying to install those stuff. After all, i ended up sharing a good moments watching the latest korean drama. "He's beautiful" and im dared enough to say that it was one of the awesome drama i'd never seen before. My sis said it was worth-buying. And it was. People might say you're not patriotic enough to support our local act and despite of that,i was so sure that there might be something beneath their talking. we got to improve. im not saying our cerekerama's no good but the plot could be excpected as well as its ending. That's the difference. i'd simply stated that Korean Drama is SUPERB, like no any other else.haha.i ought stop babbling about it.

Recently, Im terribly addicted to "The Corrs". Hideaway for sure.You might never hear about it, but im sure you're intrigued enough to know what actually they were. A band. A sibling band consisting of 3 girls and a boy. The songs were crazily attracting as well as calming every soul hearing it. I guessed my interest had moved on from arctic monkey and bmfv to such a soft-hearted-like rhythm, And it was certainly vital for me in order to concentrate on my books well for the next semester.

And please, dont ever talk about the past first semester again or im going to shoot you. It was merely a disaster, or else i better say it as a calamity. I ended up my final exam like a numb and stupid person, dont know how to make the papers any better.After all, i'd made my promises that it wont happen again and it ought to turn better. Im going to do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well starting from now on.Thanks to my brother for the very long advices after having skype this morning. Im going to be like you. Someday.For certain.

Friday, September 17, 2010

kolej matrikulasi johor

Orang slalu ckp apa y da trjadi 2 adalah y trbaik utk kta.i did accpt it yet day by day sy smacam da xbole trima suma 2 lg.khdupan d mtrikulasi johor xseindah y dsangka.u may say im n0t being grateful tp ive my 0wn reason.let me summarise it..

Sy jd xbtul sjak ddk mtrik.frnkly speaking.mak sy hntar sy kesini bkn saja2 nk hbiskn beras tp nk tg0k anaknya masuk u y best2.instead,mksud kdtgn sy da brubah sama skali.xmcm mula2 dtg ksini.foya2 n terus brfoya.brmain dgn prasaan. Kpd org y brada d luar sana y xpnah msuk mtrik,let me tell u life in mtrik sgt awesome though hari2 kna bratur cm bdak tadika kt dtaran 2 plus mkan cafe y sgt murah 2.kawan rmai.blaja bes laupun tidur dlm kuliah mrupakan rutin harian.matrik superb.

Tapi tidak lg,selepas apa y sy da lalui.i really want to get 0ut 0f here asap.i btter n0t kn0wing wat actually y0uth is.i wanna wave gudbye 2 em,supaya sy da tade kaitan dgn hdup mereka da X SUKA MATRIKULASI lg..

Esok,rmai my former skulmate akn pgi mmbelah awan,merasa angin ngara bru.i d0 envy em.harapan y sy bina sjak kcil utk ikut jjak lgkah my parent xksmpain.bohong la ckp sy xkecewa.sumday i promis sy akn prgi.akn prgi.even da brgelar atuk pun.korang,bila pgi,jgn lupa sawit y salu sgt korang suka buli ni.0ke..

I love n miss u zeta... ZETRAWkKS!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


No. MyKad : 921117055301
Keputusan Permohonan

Jabatan ini telah mempertimbangkan dengan saksama permohonan saudara/saudari untuk mendapatkan Biasiswa Persekutuan bagi melanjutkan pengajian ke luar negara di bawah Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) 2010. Berikutan bilangan tempat yang terhad (1,500) berbanding bilangan calon cemerlang yang memohon, (10,900) JPA tidak dapat menawarkan penajaan kepada saudara/saudari untuk pengajian ke luar negara.

Walaubagaimanapun, permohonan saudara/saudari masih dalam pertimbangan Jabatan ini untuk Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (IPTA / IPTS).

Sekian, terima kasih.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hari2 selepas interview sgt menyenangkan, menghabiskan masa dinihari dgan layan sadis boys over flower,and actually sdg trpengaruh dgn suasana kemaruk korean drama nowadays, not bad, maybe jejaka2 tampan dlm that drama did intrigue most of the ladies in the world, hahah, nonsense talking. After all, a good plot story as well as tangkap sayu jugak. I didnt even realise it was already subuh. how awesome it was, i've once slept at 5.00 a.m during my schooldays. but still it didnt get this worse. Instead of studying, i just texting while letting my biology reference reading by itself hahah.

Sgt free, No need to get my brain stucked with too much pressure. it was actually deadly exasperating to get urself very well in that interview room, hmmm. dah lepas, wat sakit kepala fikir balik kn, just now im hoping to pursue my studies in united states of America someday, like my dad mum n brother.. btw, Sakit jiwa jugak kena jack dgn interviewer, lau jumpa dy lagi nk jack dy pasal bola ar pulak, tengok how far he could answer me very well. hahah if he fail to do that,mmg sure sy kilatkan kepala beliau y sgt bersinar tuh, n i thot it did distract me to speak out my ideas, hhuhuh~sigh..


Graduatin, ah, meeting old friends, how splendid it's. maybe for the last time.Taking my last journey from jb to seremban, no more saser, zeta, kasturi, n no more birat2 akibat rotan Cikgu Shahrul due to our laziness to get ourselves sooner in the preparation class, n kantoi buka puasa kat dorm, angkat semua lauk2 dewan makan naik atas sambil berpesta dgn lineclearnya.. N hope someday buleh jumpa balik, old friends and at dat particular time, supose perut semua dah ke depan, excluding me, hahah..

Hmm few more days before taking jpj test for my license, ah, i've to pass. Nak cepat bawak kereta ronda2 1 malaysia, nak bawak SAPE2 yg berkenaan sahaja. hhu, till then...

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Tale of a 'Jacker'

Kepalaku pening memikirkan password yg lupa untuk kuhafal.Sigh. At last, dpt juga kuteka bagi membolehkanku menembusi laman maya JPA utk menyemak keputusan permohonan.


Saudara/saudari berjaya dipanggil mengikuti sesi temuduga.

Ah, a very big sigh given out.

Rasa syukur sgt2 kerana telah melepasi 1st stage n for sure i've to train hard for the upcoming interview. Lidah perlu dilatih utk brbahasa mat saleh dgn baik, kuakui ak kurang mampu brbahasa inggeris dgn lincah n mantap, or in other words, sgt hampeh. Hahah. i've to get myself early in the morning to be here (dad office) utk mncari2 lots of information about engineering, or else i'll be a merely fool guy facing the interviewers.

Malam kelmarin mnyaksikan kmenangan besar Chelsea ke atas Aston Villa 7 brbalas 1. belum sempat jus carrot susu pilihan hati disedut dgn habis manusia2 brbagai ragam di hdapan skrin besar di gerai meksu hujung kampung were all together yellin as if they're goin to lose their throat the moment the ball went in.

geng gyle bola zeta saser 2009

Reminiscing the memories tyme skula dahulu, tepat jam 12 pagi berlari lari mnuju bilik tv selepas study biology bersama jari sibuk menekan keypad nset, tapi malang, no spaces left in dat room. mengintai intai dari celah tingkap menanti gol pmbukaan. Sgt2 havoc till warden halau balik dorm mcm lembu kena halau masuk kandang.

Kpd Brader John sekiranya kaw membaca, tabahlah, there might be sumtin beneath this. Karkun forever!, rindu berbicara denganmu sgt2.hahah.

im almost dying for my license, sgt penat to get that 'P'. Tapi mmikirkan ingin mmbawa sanak saudara dan rakan2 berkeliaran di setiap ceruk Malaysia, i've to keep pushing on. till then.

Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm in!!

And at last im out of from that holysheisnt camp, though it was much hurt. Kem Sri Ledang tangkak, i luv u fuckin much. friends, joys, calamity, difficulties n any others..

The day finally come, and Alhamdulillah, i did score well in my SPM. i got stret A's. 7A+, 2A. Nak ucap thanks kat sume org y mmbantu n susah2 untuk kejayaan ak, i'll never step any further without them. im actually proud of my skul too though i've once hate it hardly. it was absurd to be the number 1 skewl in mlysia, i thanked u SASER!! luv u... to next batch, do well ya..

130 straight A.
PNG 0.97.

im going for my license, mmner2 sume dah lpas dgn jayanya, tkkan tknak bwk kereta unti i get 5o hhu. too much plan, n im sick of it.

btw, byk sgt nk story experiences kt PLKN ue tp tak larat nk tu;is pnjang2, and i would like to reprimand everyone, PLKN is not bad as had been expected. No Pt 10 sampai cacat ya.. it;s like spending your leisure tyme doing simple n fun things

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ilyas' Chronicle

Kusangkakan zaman bloggingku sudah tamat sampai sini sahaja, tetapi kerinduanku terhadap jadah ini mula merasuk diri apabila tak sudah2 member seblogger dan rakan2 ku yang sakit memujuk supaya tidak terus menghilang daripada kancah laman web terbaik di dunia ini. Kuakui, memang sukar bagiku untuk bangun seawal jam 8.00 pagi untuk ke Office ayahku (seperti yg pernah aku cakap talian internet di rumah sudah tiada lagu kerana sebab2 tertentu). Tetapi dalam tempoh 1 bulan lebih, aku berjaya menahan diri daripada terus addicted dengan semua nie, Alhamdulillah, aku tak tau apa yang membawa aku untuk posting pagi ini, mungkin ucapan terakhir sebelum bersuka ria di PLKN?? sigh~

Mendapatkan lesen nampak mudah, tetapi siapa tau?? Aku mula terasa sejak menghadiri kelas teori D dan diminta membawa kereta manual yang tidak pernah kupandu selama ini. 3 kali mati enjin, gelaklah... biarlah aku memalukan diri sendiri, untuk kebaikan aku jugak kan?? Mendengar bebelan jurulatih adalah sesuatu yang memedihkan, yet i've to resist it, budak baru belajar.. Tetapi sesuatu yang menjadi tanda tanya, bagaimana aku nak berlatih bawak kereta manual di luar sedangkan there's no any at my home, mungkin aku perlu tambah beberapa puluh ringgit untuk membayar tambahan jam latihan di JIMA nanti.. Aku terperasan seseorang, kat sana, Aina dan Khalidah, tapi mereka dah blah awal, frankly dah makin besarlah mereka huhu..

Sejak balik bercuti dpd Medan, aku semakin rapat dengan semua sahabat handai, menghabiskan saki baki masa yang tinggal sebelum ke PLKN untuk merapatkan ukhuwah sesama insan. . I do really appreciate all my friends, if they'd never exist, i won't be able to go this far...Baru2 ni aku sedar sebenarnya aku dah boleh m,enerima PLKN, tiada guna untuk lari daripada perkara yang boleh membawa aku ke arah kebaikan kann?? aku harus pergi, lagipun apa je aku boleh buat di rumah. Kalau aku berharat untuk bekerja, aku harus lebih tabah untuk bangun sangat awal di pagi hari kerana aku ini tersangatlah malas... heheh.. Mungkin sampai sini sahaja posting aku, lepas PLKN sambung ya!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

tidak keruan

Beind slandered was totally holyshitwho knows

di kala jari2 aku menari nari atas jadah neh
rasa macam nak penyepak semua orang yang bu
at aku sakit hati sejak akhir2 ini
tak siapa akan faham aku
termasuk member2 sendiri
semua tak buleh percaya

Aku akan menjadi seorang yang pendiam
rakan2, maaf kerana tak melayan korang sangat
aku sangat terluka, hati lelaki, tetap akan sam
a dengan perempuan.

Exam sumpah dah dekat gyle2
8 days..
then everything gonna burst
After all, sejarah pling worse
bace 10 minit mengantuk
wlaupun sudah dibekalkan Ginko dan telur separuh masak setiap pagi
Petang tidur, malam jadi burung jampuk, sa
mpai dua tiga pagi
kerana berburak
dan texting

pagi ini walaupun air mata tak mencurah tapi terharu sangat,melutut depan guru2,minta restu ilmu, dan memohon maaf atas segala kesilapan y dilakukan

let me list it out

1. Cikgu Kahar-MM- tiru sign awak sebab nak keluar outing
2. Cikgu Hartini-BIOLOGY-texting awak, dan kacau walaupun tak merana
3.Cikgu Rossita-CHEMISTRY-Selalu tak masuk kelas awak sbb msuk sports itu ini
4.Cikgu Jennyta-PHYSICS-tak pernah berburak, tido d sebalik badan rakan y gempal
6-Cikgu Zahureen-ENGLISH-Bukak myspace tyme awak ajar kat mkmal komputer, kantoi,
7-Cikgu Azlina-ADD MATH-Homework, byk berangan tyme awak ajar
8-Cikgu zaiton-SEJARAH-menyampah kelas awak sbb slalu extend kelas sampai pkul 5 ptg
9-Ustazah Arbaiiyah- AGAMA ISLAM-kadang2 menganjing, sbb awak suka berleter, tak tahan

Cikgu2, mintak ampun banyak2, Halalkan ilmu uke, Love u all very much :)

Wish me luck

for this damn-freaky SPM


Monday, October 26, 2009

having ur nightmare

tragis sungguh pagi ini

kerana apa??

Kerana kali pertama menghadiri kelas fizik pagi isnin

sebelum ini jam 7 hingga 11 pagi dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya untuk tidur sepuas hati
di atas tilam busuk tinggalan SDAR di lantai,
mnggigil gigil kesejukan

Sebelum tu ketensenan masih merasuk diri

tadi malam,

manchester United tewas di tangan Liverpool

2 Berbalas 0

That's a fact

Mungkin nasib tak menyebelahi

atau referee yang cam sampah, no doubt

Possesion 80% MU,20% lverpool

satu bilik TV terkedu dek gol Torres

dan juga pemain bukan pilihan, Ngog di minit2 terakhir

Sudah banyak season dan pertemuan antar 2 gergasi besar eropah ini, namun nasib lebih menyebelahi skuad bimbingan Rafael Benitez,, no comment

Saya tahu ada antara anda yang tidak berapa minat dalam arena sukan ini

especially golongan Hawa

tetapi ini blog saya, saya punya hak untuk menulis apa2 saja

Hari ini cukup indah, keluar outing setelah brbulan2 terperap dalam penjara wakaka

bout 4 weeks more, then everything ought to be better, i guess )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ilyas sarat

Tajuk blog sdah ditukar.
Pelik?? Tidak...

Kenapa?? bnyak sbb

1. jadah nih yang buat saya merana dan pilu 3 minggu
2. Dulu saya benci sekarang saya sayang
3. Saya kemaruk dengannya
4. Saya nak belajar dpd kesilapan
5. Ajar saya supaya lebih serius utk hdapi msa depan

That's Biology

tidak kenal maka tak cinta

Sejak naik cuti raya. Aku mula terasa perubahan yg mendadak dlm diri aku.
Kerana apa?? Aku tak tahu, ia lahir dr hati.. Semangat untk berubah, mungkin

4 beradik exam besar, takkan nk jd loser

Baru2 ini,aku terkejut sungguh. Tika itu, aku sibuk mengkolling kolling dan mmber kecoh sebok ada gred baru, A+, dan jadah sebagainya.. Palahowtak anda, mana mungkin.. Kalau begitu gamaknya, satu je lah, math mode, itu pun tidak pasti.. chance untuk dpt scholarship makin susah, tp mungkin ini pendorong semangat untuk bekerja lebih keras, untuk diri, dan sekolah yg tak habis2 nk kekalkan ranking, itu tak kisah, tapi yg pling3 penting aku puas belajar, mampu buat apa yang termampu..

Weh mat, berapa?? 1 A+, 2 A, 4 A-, 1 B-, 1 B+, tak ke susah untuk menyebutnya, tak apa, aku tak membangkang, kerajaan punya hak untuk lakukan apa sahaja, rakyat cuma menuruti..

Baru2 ini kursus interview diadakan, pakai pun tak proper, still menonyoh nonyoh mata mendengar jadah2 itu, mengganggu pagi sabtu yang indah, tapi byk input2 dan benda2 pelik yang aku tak tahu dan baru tahu, itu cukup bagus.. Salah satunya, kalau anda pakai kasut tajam sedikit ke hadapan akan mengubah persepsi interviewer terhadap anda, dan kalau anda pakai baju tak matching pun ada2 saja yang tak kena, Penting, aku rasa.. Kena converse byk dlm bhasa omputih selepas nih, walaupun kadang2 jelak mendengarnya, Kerana apa?? Kerana saya melayu tulen.. tapi saya suka berbicara dengan ibu dlam English, itu pelik, saya akui..

Cocncentrate SPM lh doe, ngengade intebiu2 neh lak, Itu blakang crite uke...

Fenomena membotakkan kepala kian menjadi jadi.. Kerana apa??
kerana lagi 2 bulan untuk pulang ke rumah slepas SPM, jd rmbut smpat tumbuh dgn mencanak dlm tempoh itu.. Kalau balik mnggu depan?? Seorang pun takkan bbuat demikian, sumpah aku pasti tntg itu, Tetapi aku tidak mahu, biarlah Penggondol mesin Plkn siri ke 7 membersihkan rbut2 ku di lantai, wakaka, trauma.. Btw, sumpah sayu tak dpt braye untuk prtama kalinya dgan famili, angkara jadah2 SPM neh..

Saya cukup penat dengan belajar2 ini tapi kena sungguhkan hati juga, malam2 pkul 3, ttpi ditemani jadah empat segi yang bergetar setiap seminit, dan terkekeh kekeh aku membacanya..
haha petang semalam ckup terkejut,

Your service has been barrred due to exceeded credit limit,

hampeh, itulah kaw, tak reti nak beragak, terima padhnya, terpaksa turun bwah, wish adik gudluck PMR melalui i talk


To all PMR candidates, wish u gdluck lhh, jgn jd cam saya stadi last minute dan tertidur tyme exam besar tu berjalan...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kesyukuran Dalam Kemeriahan

Ouh hari yang gile

orang sume dah sibuk sahur ngan famili

aku masih lagi terkandas di atas katil buruk tidak bercadar SASER

Rindu lah nak balik rumah..
2 jam lagi sebelum aku melangkah naik bas Plusliner yang sejuk cam dalam aeroplane lahh hee.. Emm mungkin hari ini cukup sadis, kali trakhir berbuka di asrama selama lima tahun, cukuplah dengan nasi kawah berlaukkan ikan goreng dan sambal bilis yang tawar.. lepas ini mana tau aku sahur ngan mat saleh dlm subuh yang kedinginan ke hhu kalau aku struggle lebih lah tyme ni..

emm Hari ini aku cukup selesa, walaupun sudah beberapa minggu tak bersahur..Pagi semalam merupakan pagi yang indah dalam hidup aku..

guess what..

Biology aku uke lahh..

I managed to score B3, though the paper was quite tough.. Once in life time lahh.. try pujuk Cik Tini, satu lagi nak dapat A2 supaya mnjadikan result aku kemas tanpa gred B.. emm btw, nobody cares right... jahanam ar.. sekarang masa untuk keronggengan setelah melalui sebulan setengah yang menyiksakan

'Kuih raya' yang dibekalkan oleh sekulah menyebabkan aku terasa seprti untuk berpindah sekulah lahh.. Aku jamin sebulan pon aku tak buleh siapkan homework tuh. menyakitkan hati je lahh.. Orang sibuk makan ketupat, aku sebuk dengan kerja aku, sekejap mengunyah lemang nan rendang, sekejap2 menghighlighterkan buku bio longman yang dituduh oleh cikgu tini sebagai buku yang tak guna, fakta semua salah salah.. Aku tak kisah cikgu Tini, yang penting aku ade improvement dpd trial SBP hari tuh.. hhu

Emm uke mlm tadi baru shja mengekol mak.. Katanya pas Spm nak ramai2 pergi Indon lagi.. Owh betapa tensen aku.. Terbatallah projek 5 Zeta untuk beronggengan kali terakhir di Genting Highlands bersama akuh hha.. Tak ape lah.. Kte jumpe lg tyme ambil result.. Pasti kurang sume sebuk gelakkan aku yang masa itu gondol kepalanya kerana baru sahaja menjalani Program Latihan Khidmat Negara yang pasti akan mengtraumakan sesiapa sahja kat muka bumi ini

Selamat Hari Raya lah semua

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lantak kau lah

ohoh puasa membuatkan malas nak outing, bukan, alasan terbaik adalah bangun selewat jam 10. angkara layan friendly England Slovenia, menyesal ouh.. Patut ngadap buku Bio(kasted) malam td, rsult bio untuk trial sbp dah lah macam sampah.. Buleh pulak nak berfoye foye hhu Emm btw, dah blajar dpd kesilapan, kau kena tabah lah sikit.. 2 papers more, lepas itu akan beronggengan hinggga ke raya.. Oups raya. No mood. Makan rendang dan lemang diselang selikan dengan tujahan bertubi tubi oleh akak dan abang.. Apa itu synaptic cleft?? Explain the formation of ovum and sperm, ouh.. nak mati. umm it's for my sake.. tak kisah lahh.. Hurin lahh!!(bak kata zaki yang menyamakan nama syahurin dgn....) Maaf kerana melibatkan kamu berdua dalam posting entah apa2 ini..

Emm aku still lagi kempunan untuk berbuka puasa dengan family.. Dengan adanya program perkampungan ilmu nih, musnah harapan untuk melepak2 kat rumah, bersahur tanpa menggosok gigi huhu.. 3 hari, tak puas..

ops!! ini bukan aku
aku cuma meginginkan kesedaran yang masih belum wujud dalam diri..
Guess what.

Buka terlalu melampau lampau membuatkan perutku bisa jadi seperti ini. Aku mlas riadah sejak akhir2 ini, dan petangku dibazirkan dengan tidur, tidur dan juga tidur, tiada yang lain.. Got 3 more days, lepas tuh table ping pong aku conquer, satu padang bola aku punya hhu. Tadelah.. aq dah mula rindu nak riadah.. Sejak dua menjak trial nih, aku banyak menghabiskan masa di dorm bljar itu ini, tapi sebentar sahaja, selepas itu lentok, berjalan ke angkasa lepas..

Ukeh2, gudluck kepada rakan2 yang turut sama menghenyak kepala untuk menghadapi trial Spm, just keep pushing on, the same goes tu me owh

terima kasih akak cc SASER yang bukak cc di pagi buta nih, RM 5 aku tak melayang begitu shja.. trimas akak hhu

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kemeriahan dalam Kepenatan

weh2, chemistry habis, sumpah penyol kepala mengadap kertas belacan trial sbp dan ngri smbilan, ntah tidak ketahui apa yg telah dijawab, petang ini akan tidur seperti kanak kanak kecil lagaknya

untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah hidupkuh menoyolkan diri tapi terpaksa, paper 3 bio huhu
tapi akan kusesali perkara ini, berjanji tak akan buat lagi..

haha hari tu sbb desperate lah..

membaling baling kertas ke meja sebelah..

emm apapun test dah sbp dah habis, result belakang cerita

Aku menjerit setelah kimia habis petang tadi sambil berlari ke arah cc,

Bukan apa, esok balik dan aku tak berpeluang untuk mengonline diri lg..

Kenapa?? jangan ditanya, telah dipotong wayar internet kerana mls belajar. telah dimentionkan dahulu kan..

Apapun esok balik dan mask masih belum dibeli..

tak tahu, H1N1 kat sini dah melambak lambak, takut jugak emm esokkeluar sekolah dan terus berlari naik ke dalam bas Plusliner yang sejuknya seperti aircond kapal terbang

Esok menjammingkan diri bersama rakan(nazri) especially yng terberia beria mengajak aku ke kancah ini , cabut awal dan puasalah di samping menerawihkan diri 23 rakaat setiap malam.. tidak, 8 sahaja.. hhuhuhu

Sori saya berbahasa baku untuk posting ini..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kenapa aku bazirkan masa kat cc nih, banyak benda bagus lagi kau boleh buatlah ilyas haha btw skul baru je bukak cc, best ar dpt berfoye foye sket, sumpah lame x update bizi ah, emm next week trial SPM lah wooii pergi lah naik atas baca buku.. Okeh2 jap lagi.. anyway, got nothing much to say lah, cume wish me gud luck oke..
Baru2 ni aku tensyen sungguh dengan sekolah nih, buat kelas membunuh dari pukul 7.30 pagi sampai 5.30 petang, hey hantu jem lah kepala aku.. Esok aku x dapat pergi SDAR lah sebab ade kelas kimia, tidak boleh larikan dirilah daripada semua ni, i've to face it lah,
Ada talk pasal engineering kat sana, tapi malangnya aku kena terperap kat dalam makmal tuh, bergerutu punggung aku menanti pukul 5.30 petang. Aku cukup minat engineering, dan aku tahu kalau aku pergi esok aku akan dapat banyak information yang sama sekali dpt tolong aku time interview nanti huhu.
Sekarang ni tengah berkira kira nak pergi kelas kimia ke pergi SDAR. Oke decide sekarang, kelas kimia.. nanti cikgu bising lah, telinga aku mane boleh tahan petir kilat lagipun aku tahu this could be the only way nak dpt scholarship...
CIS aku sedang merana..
Aku tinggal 1 lagi kesalahan, kalau tertambah satu lagi, bye bye lah outing, no ronggeng2 huh
Oke2 nak pergi pecahkan kepala otakku dengan addmath..